HCG weight loss overview

Weight Loss HappinessThe HCG diet is gaining widespread popularity for being a life-changing and fail-safe weight loss program. The HCG weight loss program, as administered by Dr. Sarah Ghayouri, provides the support one needs to change eating habits, improve overall health and appearance, and sustain improvements once the weight loss program has ended.

The backbone to this medically-supervised weight loss program is the administration of the HCG hormone. This hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is produced naturally by the body during pregnancy and is also used as an infertility treatment for both men and women. The use of HCG for weight loss began decades ago in Italy, but currently has not been approved for weight loss by the FDA.

HCG can cause the body to release abnormal fat deposits, and it also serves as an appetite suppressant. To be successful for weight loss, the administration of HCG is combined with a 500 calorie diet. This allows the HCG to release fat deposits on the body, rather than releasing the fat in actively consumed food. The 500 calorie diet is very easy to adhere to because of the diet plan and support provided by Dr. Sarah Ghayouri and her staff.

This diet plan is an important part of the weight loss program, because it provides specific details of foods and quantities that can be consumed. Thus, no calorie-counting is necessary! Plus, once the weight loss program has ended, Dr. Ghayouri provides a detailed dietary plan to help keep the weight off. Dr. Ghayouri’s staff is available to provide consultation and support during the weight loss program, and checkups are encouraged to monitor progress.

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Dr. Oz Talks About The HCG Diet

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Different Types of HCG on the Market

HCG, or human chorionic gonadatropin, is a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy. Its production facilitates progesterone production, which is critical for human pregnancy, and is also thought to protect the embryo in a number of ways. Decades ago a british endocrinologist, A.T.W. Simeons, studied pregnant women in India on a calorie-deficient diet and overweight boys with pituitary problems, both treated with low-dose HCG. He found that both groups lost fat rather than lean muscle tissue, and reasoned that the HCG must be programming the hypothalamus  to do this, as HCG aids in the protection of the developing fetus in pregnant women by promoting the mobilization and consumption of abnormal, adipose fat deposits. Dr. Simeons’ HCG weight loss protocol has recently gained widespread popularity, which has led to alternative HCG products being introduced on the market.

At Atlanta Wellness and Aesthetics, Dr. Ghayouri prescribes the bioidentical hormone HCG. Bioidentical hormones are identical in structure to those naturally produced in the human body, and are viewed as the safest form of hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Ghayouri is an experienced and knowledgeable doctor with years of experience in internal medicine, endocrinology, anti-aging medicine, and hormone replacement therapy. It is important to administer the HCG diet under the strict supervision of such a doctor, because the introduction of hormones into one’s body can affect the rest of your body, and either positively or negatively impact other health conditions. There are a number of products that you can find on the internet that are marketed as homeopathic HCG. This means that, at the very most, these homeopathic remedies are a very diluted mixture of HCG and most likely contain no HCG or only trace amounts. These homeopathic HCG mixtures are generally advertised for oral use. At Atlanta Wellness and Aesthetics, we begin the HCG diet with a new patient doctor’s visit with Dr. Ghayouri so that we can ensure that the HCG diet is a good fit for you and will effectively and safely allow you to lose weight fast. We also encourage follow-up visits with the doctor to make sure that our HCG weight loss program gives you lasting results. Please call us today to make your first appointment!

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1500 Calorie Weight Loss Program

Dr. Ghayouri is ready to assist you with a calorie count diet. This is a healthy way to start losing weight and to stay fit for life. You can start out with the 1500 calorie diet and exercise for 20 minutes a day and lose 30-90 pounds in 4 months. This is a healthy diet plan and a healthy way to live. You are in control of your health. Let us help you help yourself.

Talk to Dr. Ghayouri about ways to alter your metabolism. Your metabolic rate decreases as you lose weight, which is normal. If at some point you reach a plateau, Dr.Ghayouri will help decrease your caloric intake or increase your level of physical activity to continue with weight loss.

At Atlanta Wellness Dr. Ghayouri will assess how many calories you will need when you reach your weight loss goal. You will likely need to continue with a low calorie diet for the rest of your life to maintain your healthy weight. You will need to exercise every day, but it can be as simple as twenty minutes of walking. Exercising can be enjoyable and can help you find yourself. Losing excess weight is vital to your health.

The typical American diet is high in fat,salt, and sugar, and most daily diets are low in fiber. At first it takes effort to eat healthy foods and lose weight. Studies show not getting enough sleep can increase your appetite. People under stress seem to eat less, and yet gain fat. Lately shift work has shown that it can lead to lack of sleep. For many depression or even boredom can cause people to eat poorly or overeat.

Dr. Ghayouri and her staff believe that your hormonal balance can be affected by excess weight. Adjusting your diet to be as healthy and nutritionally balanced as possible may help your hormonal balance. Atlanta Wellness and Aesthetics specializes in balancing one’s hormones. Many people have negative feelings about replacing hormones. The advocates of hormone replacement are the clients who have gotten their life back. Dr. Ghayouri believes in whole health, not just disease prevention or treating illnesses. Feeling great and improving one’s quality of life should be a priority for everyone.

Too many calories with snacks and beverages is the most common way Americans put on extra weight. There are many factors to consider. Fluctuations in the body blood glucose is damaging to the organs. Atlanta Wellness recommends keeping a food diary to allow you to learn what eating habits are affecting your weight and energy level so that you continue to lose weight on your own. We have found that many people do not even realize how many calories we consume. It is not giving up good foods or giving up meals. It is not a restriction of eating out or enjoying the pleasure of eating. It’s about being aware of what you are consuming and how it affects your body, so that you can get the most out of your life.

Make improvements in your diet and lifestyle personally with one on one consultation. You are welcome to join others in a group or just stay with a one on one basis. You will be more likely to succeed than by trying to change everything from one day to the next. Of course, we know you will be excited to start feeling great. The personal time spent with you will keep you in touch and help you along with your weight loss.

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What To Expect on the HCG Diet

- Energy levels will be high.

- Hunger and appetite will be low.

- Many people see an improvement of other medical conditions and symptoms.

- Resets your metabolism at a higher rate.

- Resets your hunger at a lower rate.

- Resets your hypothalamus so that in the future it doesn’t store fat in abnormal problem areas.

How The HCG Diet Actually Works:

This weight loss program consists of a daily injection of HCG combined with a very strict and specific food consumption plan. The specific food used in the diet causes chemical reactions in the body, combined with the HCG to activate the hypothalamus into releasing the secure abnormal fat reserves. This causes dramatic weight loss without the loss of muscle or structural fat. Eating lower amounts of calories do not speed up the process. Eating small quantities of food actually stop the fat-releasing mechanism.

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Weight Loss For Medical Reasons

Overweight man in need of weight lossWeight loss is challenging. Here at Atlanta Wellness, we are all striving to eat better. Body fat percentages have risks. Most people want weight loss for their appearance. This is important. How you look and how you feel is important to self esteem. However the risk of excess body fat increases your risk to develop diseases. Diseases increase your risk for mortality.

There are numerous diseases and problems that are associated with excess weight. You probably have heard of some of these: Diabetes, back problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, sleep apnea, stroke, dyslipidemia, gallbladder disease, and even cancer. Being overweight effects all organs and the whole body system, and being overweight also affects your quality of life.

What is overweight? What is obesity? What is the Good News for weight loss?

Being overweight is increased weight in relation to your height.

Obesity is your body fat in relation to lean body mass. There are many ways to figure BMI or BODY MASS INDEX. Take your weight (ex. 140LBS) and divide it by your height squared (height in Inches). Feet to inches is easy, just multiply by 12 (ex. 5′2″=5×12=60+2=62).

Once you take your Weight (lb)/height(inches)2, you then mutiply this by 703 (a standard number). Here is an example:

(62)2 =3844

Wt 140/3844 =0.03642…x703


BMI            WEIGHT

below 18.5  Underweight

18.5- 24.9    Normal

25.0- 29.0   Overweight

30.0 +          Obese

There are many ways to fiqure BMI. Some scales have them or you can use a chart. BMI and body fatness is clear, but factors such as sex, race, and age cause variations. Muscular people have a high BMI because of the weight of muscle.

Body fat is also evaluated by calipers, which measure the percentage of Body Fat. The waist if measured because abdominal fat is a risk predictor of obesity.

The Good News: Even 5%  of weight loss  can reduce your health risk associated with obesity.

So, what are we waiting for? There are many ways to lose weight. We have already talked about our HCG weight loss program, which has been our most successful program for significant weight loss.

First, the doctor will help you decide what changes you need to make to achieve 5% -10% weight loss. ( 5% can reduce your risk of Diabetes). Then, you and the doctor can decide what method is best for you.

Why is it so difficult?

The body and personal habits are difficult to change. Weight loss has to be more than walking and exercising. It goes back to fewer calories. Many people have tried the grapefruit diet, protein diet, low-carbohydrate diet, counting calories, and the low fat diets, etc. Well, the good news is the higher protein and high fiber may work, because it can make you feel satisfied. The low- carb diet has shown greater weight loss after 6 months. The low fat diet is not more effective, but it actually is benefical in reversing atherosclerosis ( coronary heart disease). It may improve fatty livers. The difficulty is staying committed to such a strict diet plan without seeing results fast. That’s why our HCG weight loss program has been so successful. Patients see results usually within the first week of the diet, and this sudden weight loss motivates patients to stick to the diet and reevaluate their current lifestyle and eating habits. Patients usually see improvements in the areas that they’ve never been able to lose weight before, for example in the underarm area and around the belly button. The doctor can help with ongoing weight loss by giving a Calorie Count diet. Some diets are adhered to better with a calorie count of 1200-1500 when there are snacks included.

Once our patients have achieved the weight loss that they desire, we encourage them to get a nutritional assessment through our partner, Venus Nutrition. Venus Nutrition helps you discover how many calories and which types of foods you should be eating based on your specific body type. Venus Nutrition will help you choose your foods and split them into an eating plan that allows you to eat every 3- 4 hours.

The Venus Nutrition plan is good because it controls your blood sugars. If your blood sugar fluctuates it can alter the body’s metabolism. It may be telling the body to store fat, instead of shedding excess fat. The Venus Nutrition diet plan has been shown to be a very healthy diet and life long way of eating.

Dr. Ghayouri will help you lose weight, regardless of the method you choose. She is committed to making people healthier and weight loss is always a very important factor. Call her today and join us.

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HCG weight loss testimonial from Roselyn Quinn, RN

Roselyn Quinn is the on-call RN for Dr. Sarah Ghayouri. She tried the HCG weight loss diet herself and lost 20 pounds. She is an enthused supporter of this weight loss program and provides honest feedback and care to her patients.


The HCG weight loss program works! The skeptics are only those who have not tried it. Many people have tried so many weight loss programs and failed. The main reason that the HCG diet works so well is because patients are motivated by body reshaping in the first week. The diet is also very specific, and it does not leave patients feeling hungry. The HCG diet is not easy, and each person must strictly follow the diet. When patients reach optimal weight, I love to see their self pride in what they’ve accomplished for themselves. The people who have done the HCG diet are the ones to ask. They are the ones that will tell you how great they feel and what a relief to finally find someone who will help them with this weight loss struggle.


Research with HCG for weight loss began at least 30 years ago, however the FDA still has not approved of the use of HCG for weight loss. During a scientific experiment using HCG for weight loss, when one group has the HCG and the other group has a placebo, both groups lose weight on a 500 calorie weight loss diet. But, how many people can stay on a 500 calorie weight loss diet for even 25 days? In fact, the HCG group lost more weight, felt better, and their blood pressures were lower. Critics of weight loss on the HCG diet say that the promoters are saying it is simple, lose weight without even exercising. The weight loss program is anything but simple. Dr. Ghayouri has made it simple by giving a list of foods to eat. Therefore, weight loss will occur without counting calories. Exercise is not encouraged until the final phase, but most people start feeling so well, they start walking and exercising.


Weight loss will occur on the HCG diet and this progress can be easily maintained. The weight loss program we offer will get rid of excess weight and stored fat. The weight loss program will change your metabolism and you will feel like you are in control, probably for the first time in your life. The HCG weight loss is for you and we will teach you everything you need to know.


The cost of a weight loss program that is doctor supervised is not as expensive as years of trying different weight loss programs. The weight that you will lose is stored fat and will give you the beginning of a new healthy body. The weight loss is very specific and it will change a complex mechanism of your metabolism. Strict and time consuming planning of your foods can be made ahead of time. The people on the weight loss plan love to talk about it even after just one week on the HCG weight loss program. Most want to lose a specific weight, while others are more concerned with the way their clothes fit. Friends and family will be skepitical about a weight loss program that works with the aid of a hormone until they see how it changes the way you look and act. We feel that the HCG weight loss program that we offer provides measurable, safe, and healthy results that change the way you look and live. Please call me today to start your own HCG weight loss program.

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