What To Expect on the HCG Diet

- Energy levels will be high.

- Hunger and appetite will be low.

- Many people see an improvement of other medical conditions and symptoms.

- Resets your metabolism at a higher rate.

- Resets your hunger at a lower rate.

- Resets your hypothalamus so that in the future it doesn’t store fat in abnormal problem areas.

How The HCG Diet Actually Works:

This weight loss program consists of a daily injection of HCG combined with a very strict and specific food consumption plan. The specific food used in the diet causes chemical reactions in the body, combined with the HCG to activate the hypothalamus into releasing the secure abnormal fat reserves. This causes dramatic weight loss without the loss of muscle or structural fat. Eating lower amounts of calories do not speed up the process. Eating small quantities of food actually stop the fat-releasing mechanism.

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