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HCG weight loss testimonial from Roselyn Quinn, RN

Roselyn Quinn is the on-call RN for Dr. Sarah Ghayouri. She tried the HCG weight loss diet herself and lost 20 pounds. She is an enthused supporter of this weight loss program and provides honest feedback and care to her patients.


The HCG weight loss program works! The skeptics are only those who have not tried it. Many people have tried so many weight loss programs and failed. The main reason that the HCG diet works so well is because patients are motivated by body reshaping in the first week. The diet is also very specific, and it does not leave patients feeling hungry. The HCG diet is not easy, and each person must strictly follow the diet. When patients reach optimal weight, I love to see their self pride in what they’ve accomplished for themselves. The people who have done the HCG diet are the ones to ask. They are the ones that will tell you how great they feel and what a relief to finally find someone who will help them with this weight loss struggle.


Research with HCG for weight loss began at least 30 years ago, however the FDA still has not approved of the use of HCG for weight loss. During a scientific experiment using HCG for weight loss, when one group has the HCG and the other group has a placebo, both groups lose weight on a 500 calorie weight loss diet. But, how many people can stay on a 500 calorie weight loss diet for even 25 days? In fact, the HCG group lost more weight, felt better, and their blood pressures were lower. Critics of weight loss on the HCG diet say that the promoters are saying it is simple, lose weight without even exercising. The weight loss program is anything but simple. Dr. Ghayouri has made it simple by giving a list of foods to eat. Therefore, weight loss will occur without counting calories. Exercise is not encouraged until the final phase, but most people start feeling so well, they start walking and exercising.


Weight loss will occur on the HCG diet and this progress can be easily maintained. The weight loss program we offer will get rid of excess weight and stored fat. The weight loss program will change your metabolism and you will feel like you are in control, probably for the first time in your life. The HCG weight loss is for you and we will teach you everything you need to know.


The cost of a weight loss program that is doctor supervised is not as expensive as years of trying different weight loss programs. The weight that you will lose is stored fat and will give you the beginning of a new healthy body. The weight loss is very specific and it will change a complex mechanism of your metabolism. Strict and time consuming planning of your foods can be made ahead of time. The people on the weight loss plan love to talk about it even after just one week on the HCG weight loss program. Most want to lose a specific weight, while others are more concerned with the way their clothes fit. Friends and family will be skepitical about a weight loss program that works with the aid of a hormone until they see how it changes the way you look and act. We feel that the HCG weight loss program that we offer provides measurable, safe, and healthy results that change the way you look and live. Please call me today to start your own HCG weight loss program.

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